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A Message from Pastor Wendy Kalan

Dear Risen Lord disciples---

Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet; righteousness and peace will kiss each other. Faithfulness will spring up from the ground and righteousness will look down from the sky.” Psalm 85:10-11

What do you get when sunshine and rain meet each other? Rainbows, right? Even more, sunshine and rain are needed to make all things grow. We know this to be true because we’ve seen it, right? On a quiet Indiana evening near cornfields, we might even hear that it has happened.

What do you get when steadfast love and faithfulness meet and righteousness and peace kiss each other? According to the psalmist, faithfulness springing from the ground and righteousness looking down upon it all. Furthermore, if you read all of Psalm 85, we see that for a time, God’s people haven’t seen those things for quite some time, for they had turned away from God. But the psalmist doesn’t lose faith; the psalmist says, don’t lose hope!

God—the Creator, the Savior, and Life-Sustainer—God whose intention is to lean ever toward us even when we lean away will still shower us with steadfast love. God will remain faithful.

Soon, you and I shall meet, and I look forward to seeing the ways that Risen Lord demonstrates, celebrates, and embodies God’s steadfast love and faithfulness in their life as a congregation for the sake of the world. I look forward to hearing your stories and God-sightings and hopes.

For today, I invite you to reflect: When and where have you witnessed steadfast love and faithfulness meeting after a time of doubt or failure? What might be an example of when righteousness and peace kiss each other?

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Wendy Kalan


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