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Risen Lord Montessori School

Risen Lord Lutheran Church expanded its ministry to offer the community a loving, child-centered preschool and kindergarten in 2004.


Risen Lord Montessori School seeks to nurture each child’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

Potty-trained children ages 3-6 share a delightful, nurturing space with their caring teachers. Please call 317-535-6728 for a tour.


Lisa Pease, Lead Teacher

Lisa brings 17 years of experience to RLMS. She holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education.


Lisa’s curiosity about the Montessori method grew when her children attended a Montessori preschool. Whenever she went into the classroom, she found the atmosphere peaceful and calm. The hands-on environment and developmentally-appropriate curriculum matched Lisa’s teaching philosophy, and she decided to pursue an Early Childhood Education graduate certificate.


Lisa loves working with this age group, observing the children’s interaction and enthusiasm about learning and nurturing each student to progress on their own. 


One of her favorite quotes of Maria Montessori is “Education is natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

Margo Emrich.jpg

Margo Emrich, Teacher

Margo has been with RLMS since the school began 19 years ago.


Before that, she had worked at a law firm and stayed at home to raise her children.


She first began preparing art projects for the students but began to take on more and more of a teacher’s role. She went on to earn para-professional certification in Montessori method.


She has seen how Risen Lord Montessori School has grown its mission to meet the community need for early childhood education. Margo loves how the Montessori method helps children to be independent and fits with each child’s needs.

One of her favorite Montessori quotes is “Free choice is one of the highest of all mental processes.” 

Sarah Zipoff.jpg

Sarah Zipoff, Teacher

Sarah began with RLMS last year, fulfilling her practicum to earn her associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Ivy Tech.


She is working on her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education through IUPUI and plans to get certified in Montessori method after that.


Sarah was drawn to the Montessori when her daughter attended RLMS a few years ago. She saw how her daughter developed in abilities and confidence. She knew that if she ever taught she would want to be in a Montessori school.


Sarah loves teaching and getting to know the students and their families as well as watching the students grow in confidence and independence throughout the year.


One of her favorite Montessori quotes is “These words reveal the child’s inner need: ‘Help me do it alone.’”

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