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Claiming Our Gifts: A Look at Lutheranism (ELCA)

Over the season of Epiphany, we will be exploring the distinct gifts of the Lutheran faith (ELCA). Every Sunday, beginning January 2, you will have the opportunity to learn more about those gifts and how to “claim” them and consider how they uniquely shape and form you as disciples of Jesus.

1. Attend Sunday morning conversation around the gifts for that week at 9:00-9:30 a.m. with Pastor Wendy and John Hawkins (retired ELCA pastor). (Sundays, January 2-February 20)

2. During the sermon, we will “unwrap” each gift during worship and consider them in light of the scripture assigned for that day. (Sundays, January 2-February 20)

3. Read more about the gifts in the weekly Enewsletter article written by Pastor Wendy

What a great opportunity to learn and grow together as a congregation through whom God is shaping and forming for great ministry in 2022.


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