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Discipleship is more than learning about Jesus…

It is learning to imitate Jesus.  During our Journey this past spring, we learned about imitating Jesus by patterning our lives around a three-fold focus: UP, IN and OUT.  UP – our relationship with God (prayer, worship, devotions, etc.) IN – our relationship in community (engaging in the church, meals together, inviting people into your 'real' life, etc.) OUT – our relationship with the world (serving others, sharing our faith, etc.)


Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

When we read Scripture, we can see how Jesus invests in his relationship: with God worshiping in the synagogue finding a solitary place to hear from God praying in the garden in community calling the disciples to follow him visiting his friends throughout his ministry teaching his disciples with the world spending time preaching to the crowds healing the sick traveling to other cities feeding the 5,000 As we are getting into autumn with cooler weather and students on fall break, we can firmly say that we are back into our school year routines. What does your life look like? Do you intentionally make time to live a balanced life, considering your time spent UP, IN and OUT?  It is easy to be swept up into the many things to do, living life and doing good things, but lacking the intentionality needed to grow. Yet, we have heard Einstein’s definition of insanity and know that we cannot expect things to be different unless we make a point of doing things differently.  We have committed ourselves to biblical and spiritual renewal in our redevelopment covenant. How are you being transformed to follow Christ even more closely? I invite you to consider adding a practice to help you grow in your relationship UP, IN or OUT this fall.  If you would like to discuss your discipleship and growth, feel free to reach out to Pastor Lecia for time for a 1:1. In the abiding hope of the risen Lord, Pastor Lecia


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