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I love to tell the story

Throughout our lives, we are often faced with competing stories, just like we will hear in Sunday's Gospel. As Jesus is in the wilderness tempted by Satan, he is asked to make a declaration - which story will he ascribe to? The story that Satan and evil have ultimate authority or that God, the creator of heaven and earth, has the ultimate authority? While it may not be as dramatic, we are often faced with opposing stories in the world, whether we believe in the finality of death or in the resurrection to new life.

We make our declaration by the stories we tell and repeat. What is the story you tell about God's work in our world? What is the story you tell about how God is at work in Risen Lord Lutheran Church? This week, I am sharing the photos from our slideshow in worship this past Sunday. When we give an offering, we are not just keeping the lights on and paying our pastor's salary (though that is part of it), but we are also providing ways for us to engage in God's work of restoration and rebirth. As you enjoy the photos of our year in review, I ask you to consider what are the stories you tell when someone asks you about God and your church. In the abiding hope of the Risen Lord, Pastor Lecia


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