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Keeping Watch

“In that region there were shepherds living in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night…

…and the glory of the Lord shone all around them.” Luke 2:8-9

Recently, my son was trying to decide whether to accept an engineering position at the company he’d interned at for the last two summers. He wondered if there were better offers or opportunities out there.

“Perhaps,” I said, “but, did you like going to work everyday when you were an intern? Because if you like where you work, money doesn’t always mean better.”

I think about our daily work. Job satisfaction after COVID was at an all time low for many. Sometimes, workers feel unappreciated or want a new opportunity to grow.

At Christmas, we hear the story of shepherds doing what shepherds did, day in and day out. Watching sheep. There’s nothing too exciting except for the random wild animal, the birth of lambs, and locating stray sheep.

They were just doing their job when the glory of the Lord shone all around them. You know the story. First, an angel shows up to tell them the heavenly news for the whole world. Then, the heavens open wide to reveal a heavenly choir fest going on. And then, the shepherds desert their post because they had to find this child lying in a manger who was the Savior of the world.

I think the glory of the Lord is always shining around us no matter what job we are doing because we are always keeping watch over something: numbers, people, home, livestock, fields, loved ones, children, patients, clients, employees, files, etc.

In whatever your work is these days, ask yourself, “What or who is God asking me to keep watch? How am I doing that faithfully? What are the moments where I sense God’s glory shining around me in the work that I do?”

I have been called to keep watch over the flock of Risen Lord right now. I love this flock. Frequently, I worry I can’t keep up with all that is, might or could happen to each sheep in this flock. But then, I receive surprise affirmations from many of you through notes, words spoken in passing, a small gift, or a text.

Thank you, Risen Lord, for the recent Christmas gift of money and more importantly, the spirit of friendship in Christ.

Indeed, the glory of the Lord is shining through each of you! The work you do to share God’s love with others through supporting the mission of this congregation has, is and will continue to be a blessing for so many.

God bless each of you! Merry Christmas!


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