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Listen to all the Voices

There’s a voice in the wilderness crying,

A highway, a highway for our God! ELW 255

During Advent, we read scripture about messengers who tell God’s people to “prepare the way of the Lord!” From passages in Isaiah to John the Baptist and even the angel messengers in Matthew and Luke’s gospels, there is a similar thread to what they say: Make clear the way! God is about to do a new thing!

I think it’s a great time to be listening to different voices who guide us to make the message of God’s love for all the world clearer. Here are three ways you can listen in at Risen Lord:

1. Risen Lord has voice out on YouTube again. Thanks to Chad Tuley, we successfully launched last week’s sermon online. If you missed worship or want to share a message of hope with others, you can send them this link:

Even better, go to this link and “subscribe” to our YouTube channel. Once we gain 100 subscribers, we will be able to offer worship “live” on Sunday mornings.

2. This Sunday, December 4th, Bishop William “Bill” Gafjken will be preaching at Risen Lord. After worship, folks from both Risen Lord and Tapestry congregations may join Regional Minister for the Disciples of Christ, Rick Spleth and Bishop Bill to learn more about full communion partnership conversations occurring between both denominations.

3. On Sunday, December 11th, Deacon Marilyn Smith will be preaching and leading worship at Risen Lord while I am away celebrating my son’s college graduation in Laramie, Wyoming. Deacon Marilyn served as an interim rostered leader for Risen Lord five years ago. She will be excited to see so many of the new people worshiping among us now.

Finally, you, too, can be a voice. You have been a voice! With every gift you give, card you write, donation to those in need, every phone call to someone lonely, you are making clear a way for people to know the love of Christ.

Let’s join our voices and keep clearing the way!

God’s love has come, is coming and will be with us always!


Subscribe to Risen Lord’s YouTube page today!


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