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President’s Update

Hello Risen Lord family,

I am happy to report that your new leadership team is up and running. I was encouraged after our first meeting last week where it was clear that despite our known challenges, this team is quite positive and hopeful for Risen Lord’s future. During our meeting, Jerry Slater, Fred Hamilton and Deborah Miller were elected as Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary respectively. I am serving as your President, and Fred Freeman, John Kukelhan and Karin Smith will serve as at large members. As before, we have a great team!

I wanted to let you know that small teams from Risen Lord and Tapestry church are making significant progress on developing a space sharing agreement/lease. A draft document is being reviewed and tweaked. It certainly appears possible at this point that Tapestry could begin sharing in using our beautiful building by mid to late spring. Yes, this means change is likely on the horizon, and change can disrupt our comfort zone. Of course, change also brings new and wonderful things. The Holy Spirit continues to guide and lead us on this unexpected adventure and journey in faith.

Also, after a long stint of working for Risen Lord through a temporary agency, Rebecca Mawson officially became a Risen Lord employee last week. We are pleased that she accepted the part-time position of administrative assistant. Her normal schedule will have her in the office the afternoons of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you ever have the opportunity, please take a moment to welcome her and introduce yourself.

Carol Retz, our outgoing President, always did a wonderful job of inviting your comments and feedback. I would like to continue in her tradition by encouraging you to contact me if your ever want to share concerns, ask questions or lend support. Feel free to reach out to me on Sundays after worship, by email at or on my cell phone at 317-459-3104.


Dayna Zook


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