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Steps for Lectio Divina

We have been using Lectio Divina as a devotional practice for the past month. As we explore some new ways to encounter the Bible together, I invite you to continue to use Lectio Divina on your own, either with the scripture for the coming Sunday or with other portions of scripture.

In this process, you begin with prayer, asking God to be present and to reveal God's self through scripture.

Then, you read your scripture passage three times, each time with a different question for contemplation. In the videos, I would use a different translation each time or you could the same translation every time. Between each reading, you have a time of silence for contemplation. You could be structured and use a meditation timer app or simply meditate and pray until you feel finished and ready to move on.

Questions to contemplate:

1. What is one word or phrase that the Holy Spirit impresses on you?

2. What do you feel? What are your emotions? What specific situation in your life today does this scripture relate to?

3. What is God's invitation to you in this Bible passage? What is God saying to you? How is God calling you to respond?

As you close the process, you can respond to God in prayer, thanking God for being present.


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