Weekly E-newsletter January 26, 2021

Dear Risen Lord disciples: Earlier this morning, I “attended” virtual worship services at two of my former parishes (one of the few silver-lining blessings of the pandemic). Hearing the story of Jesus calling his new disciples to follow him and “fish for people” I found myself thinking of so many saints who have blessed my life, shaped and encouraged my own discipleship. I was also thinking about Risen Lord’s beloved Betty Reagan, now at rest from her labors in the welcoming arms of Jesus. I only met her a number of times, but her gifts for welcoming hospitality and a heart for service were clear. Andrew and Simon have one another, as do James and John, when Jesus comes to them. Who has stood next to you, helping you orient your life to the Christ who comes to you? Who in your life, perhaps like Betty or all of the folks who came to my mind this morning as I watched those familiar sanctuaries and imagined the saints who once stood there, has been a “fisher” for you? Who has helped you discover the joy of being caught in the loving lattices of God’s net? Take some time today, call them to mind, and pray: Thank you, God, for Betty, for the Slaters. Thank you, God, for all the saints who have been at our side, who said yes with us, when Jesus looked into our eyes and told us of the Kingdom of love, the fullness of time, the good news that is turning our lives around, life out of death, forever and ever and ever. Thank you, God for them…and empower me by your Spirit to follow their example in my life. Amen. Be well, friends. You are loved. Pastor Dave Schreiber

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