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Weekly News

Opportunities to Gather

In Martin Luther’s explanation of the fifth commandment, he writes, “We are to fear and love God, so that we neither endanger nor harm the lives of our neighbors, but instead help and support them in all their needs.” We remain committed to caring for our neighbors by doing our part to slow the spread of Covid-19. To that end, we have set up some guidelines and benchmarks to guide our re-gathering for worship. We also know that humans were created to be in community with God and with one another, so we continue to provide opportunities to connect with others during this time.

Thursday Night Fellowship

Carol Retz is gathering a group outside at the church on Thursday evenings. In her words: “Are you missing the fellowship with your Risen Lord family? Come join me on Thursday evening around 6:30 in the patio area behind church for 45-50 minutes of faith and fellowship. I would love to see you, and catch up on things! Wear a mask please! Any questions, give me a call or text at 765 215-4813. Hope to see you soon!” You are welcome to come when you can - whether that is just once or every week!

We also have groups that meet online and also have an option to call in. While you will not be able to see others, you can still join in the conversation. If you would like to join an online group but would like to practice first, contact Pastor Lecia to set up a time.

Sunday Bible Study

Cara’s Sunday Bible study has moved online at 8am! Start your Sunday morning before worship with study and learning from others. Using both Martin E. Marty’s book “Lutheran Questions, Lutheran Answers: Exploring Christian Faith” and Donald Abdon’s “Living Discipleship” we will explore “God”:

9/27/2020 How Can We Know God?

10/4/2020 What Is the Trinity?

10/11/2020 What Are Some Practical Results of Believing in the Trinity?

10/18/2020 What is the Providence of God?

10/25/2020 Does God Will Evil and Suffering in the World and in Our Lives?

11/1/2020 Is God Male?

For more information or to join this group, please contact Cara Ruble (

Wednesday Night Reflection

We live in a world where the distractions are constant, whether it is work and worries or the unlimited stream of entertainment. In the month of October, we will experiment with a weekly gathering to pause, to worship together and to look for what God is doing around us. Each week, we will try a new way to engage with God using spiritual practices such as lectio divina or meditation. As we encounter God’s word, we will look to apply it to our lives and learn to live within it through practice and conversation. All are welcome to join us! Watch for more information to come. If you would like to join in, please email

We continue to grow and learn new ways to be the church together in this time, trusting that God will guide and sustain us.

In the abiding hope of the Risen Lord,

Pastor Lecia


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