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Weekly News - April 28

Faith at Home

It took us by surprise. For many of us, we heard the warnings to wash your hands, but did not realize at that moment how deep the impact would be. I had some discussions about communion practices and passing the peace, not even dreaming that we would not gather in person again after those conversations. It has now been seven Sundays that we have worshiped in our homes. 

One effect has been that we have had to move our spiritual practices into our homes. For many of us, activities at the church formed the bulk of our faith formation. We would come to Sunday worship and a Bible study during the week and allow that to guide us, with just a few hurried prayers or Bible verses from Facebook in between. There is a lot of Christian content to be consumed right now with churches everywhere moving online, yet growing in faith comes from more than passive consumption. It’s easy to hear a sermon or listen to a Bible study but not truly encounter the living God.

What practices do you do at home to ground yourself in faith?

Our homes and situations are very different. For some people, they are alone or with their dog. Others wish they were alone at times because their house is full of children and schoolwork as well as trying to do their regular job from afar. For some, they look out their door and can greet those across the hallway or across the street. Others are isolated with no neighbors (or none they know). And yet, in the midst of the differences, we each may have a practice that would help someone else. What helps you stay rooted in Christ while you are at home? You can share your responses on our Facebook page ( or email me.

Here are some you can try if you need an idea to get you going!

Weekly devotions and Bible study - Each week, I post a devotion and a Bible study at based on the scripture for the coming Sunday. You could watch on your own and then call someone to discuss your questions and reactions or use it as a way to prompt you to prayer.

Faith Five - One great way to bring faith formation into your family is through Faith Five. I have used it with various groups at Risen Lord. The five steps include 1 - sharing highs and lows, 2 - reading scripture, 3 - discuss the scripture (including how it might fit with highs and lows), 4 - pray together and 5 - bless each other. If you are alone during this time, it could help frame a phone call to a relative or with a friend. Consider setting aside a regular time to do this as a family or for a call.

Space to Lament - In all of this, it is important to remember that our faith gives us space to lament. Job provides a great example of this. Throughout the book, his friends try to give explanations for what has happened to him, but Job continues to lament his losses. As the book concludes, in Job 42:7, the Lord says to Job’s friends, “My wrath is kindled against you and against your two friends; for you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has.” Just as Job needed to lament what he had lost and to question God’s role in all of it, we have the same need. Even if we have not had friends or family members die, we have lost many special days and events and much has changed. In your time with God, it is good and right to be able to name those things and to share your laments.

What has helped you continue to stay connected to the Trinity while you are at home? You can share your responses on our Facebook page ( or email me.

In the abiding hope of the Risen Lord,

Pastor Lecia


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