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Fist Bump

Sharing God's love

through words and actions


As followers of Christ, we share God's love through words and actions.

God creates, loves and welcomes all people. We believe diversity in God's creation makes us better together. Though we all may not think alike, we believe that we can love alike.

Many people have been wounded by church and society. Because of the unconditional love, grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, we repent and strive for reconciliation and healing from all our sins, including the sins of racism, exclusion and intolerance.

We honor your story no matter your race, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, age, socioeconomic circumstance, family configuration, and physical or cognitive ability.

Beloved child of God, you are welcome at Risen Lord, just as you are.

We value:

Worshiping God

Forgiving others

Welcoming all

Growing in 


Practicing care &

Living by the


Upcoming Events:

Weekly Worship > 9:30 am Sundays

Choir Practice

9 am Sundays

Forest Creek Village community worship
2:30 pm third Sunday monthly

Bible Study
10 am Tuesdays

All are welcome here!

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